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Welcome to the video cables section of our store. Here you will find multiple different types of Video cables ranging from HDMIs to VGA cables, you’ll be able to find the video cable you need.  We also offer a range of different cable lengths to ensure that you have the cables need.

Different types of video cables


The VGA cable is one of the oldest video cables that are still in use today. VGA stands for Video graphics array and it’s a 15-pin cable that is used for older monitors as the video cable that most displays use is HDMI and Display now. Yet VGA cables are still used in a lot of workplaces today, with the cables capable of transmitting RBGHV so it still renders it a very capable video cable.


The DVI cable is what came after the VGA cable. The DVI is more capable that the previous VGA as DVI (Digital Visual Interface) as it can support resolution like 1920 X 1200.


The HDMI cable is currently one of the most use display cables used today. The High-Definition Media Input (HDMI) unlike the VGA and DVI is capable of transferring audio as well as video to more than just monitors. It’s used for many things such as TVs, consoles, DVD players and much more.

The HDMI cable is also backwards compatible so that means its possible to be used with older devices, with the newer iterations HDMI cables are capable of displaying 2k and 4k resolutions.

Display Cables

Display port cables are more capable of transporting higher resolution such as *K and are also capable of showing at a higher dynamic range (HDR). Unlike the HDMI cable the display port cable is less commercial as it will be mainly used to connect to monitors as opposed to TVs.

Yet Display port cables are great for PC gamers as more modern graphics cards will be compatible with display port cable, using a display port cable will be the best way to optimise your viewing experience, yet if your TV/ Monitor is compatible it’s also great for Gen 9 consoles.