Welcome to the laptops and tablets section of our store, here you will find new and refurbished laptops for sale for every budget. Whether you want to browse the internet, work from wherever you are or play games we may have the machine for you.

Our selection includes both new and refurbished machines, all our second hand laptops have been fully tested to ensure they work straight out of the box when they arrive with you. Our stock of notebooks, laptops and tablets on sale is always being updated as new machines come in so be sure to check back in the future.

Our web store includes stock of tablets, notebooks, laptops and 2 in 1s, but which one is the right device for you?

Laptops tend to have higher specifications than tablets or 2 in 1s. Laptops tend to be the best choice if you are creating content such as photo or video editing due to the higher spec of the machine or if word processing due to the dedicated keyboard. Due to the high demands gaming places on a system laptops will be the better choice when gaming.  Of course more power comes at a cost and laptops will generally be heavier than notebooks or tablets and the higher powered CPUs and other components will drain more battery life.

Tablets offer the highest degree of portability and are ideal for those travelling due to their light weight, small size and long battery file although this comes at the cost of performance. However for less system intensive tasks such as web browsing and streaming the added convenience and portability may make a tablet the ideal choice..

2 in 1s offer a middle ground between laptops and tablets and usually come with a touch screen and a detachable keyboard so they can be utilised as either.

At Tekeurope we have over 15 years experience supplying laptops to a range of customers, from FTSE 250 companies to home users so if aren’t sure what you are looking for or can’t see it in store please feel free to contact us and let us help you to identify or source the laptop you need.