Welcome to the docking station adapters section of our store. Here you will find an array of docking stations for laptops from many different brands such as HP and Lenovo. You will also be able to find adapters for the dockers here too.

Docking Station

A docking station can be a useful tool for anyone who uses their laptop at home and work. Using a docking station amplifies the use of the user's laptop, as it provides more USB slots and enables the capability for more than one monitor. This is very useful as most work environments now have two monitors to improve productivity, using a docking station will allow for that. It also makes changing between environments more efficient as the laptop clips into the docking station. This way there is next to no hassle when plugging in different devices as they will already be plugged into the docker.

Laptops as mentioned before often come with a limited amount of USB slots and that’s the same for the majority of its inputs, the addition of a docking station extends those inputs. This enables users to have more devices plugged in such as external hard drives, keyboards, mice and more.

Having a docking station also means you have the potential to improve your internet connection. As most docking stations come with an input for an ethernet cable, having an ethernet cable enables a more consistent and secure connection as opposed to being wireless.

Types of docking stations

There are two main types of docking stations, for example, some Lenovo Thinkpad docks are only built to have curtain Thankpads connected. Whereas there are universal docking stations that all laptops can connect to via USB instead of them clipping into a fixed board. Adapters on the other hand are the same but on a smaller scale. They would be more appropriate for people who need more slots in their laptop for a much more temporary set up. Although they can do the same it's better suited for a smaller setup.