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Cartridges vs Toners

Looking to buy new cartridges can sometimes be confusing and overall quite overwhelming. The best thing to first find out is the model of the printer you want to buy ink for. As most ink cartridges will have the printer is made for on the packaging alongside the brand. Also depending on the printer and what you need you may want a specific colour cartridge. There will often be a colour circle of the packaging signifying what colour cartridge it will be.

Shopping for toners is the same as shopping for cartridges as they have the colour and the model on the packaging as well. The difference between cartridges and toners is that toners are used for laser as opposed to inkjet printers, also that toners use a powder and cartridges use ink.

Most inkjet printers now can print in colour and black making for a useful household machine. As for laser, they mainly print in black but if you want one that can also print colour it does start to become more expensive. This is because laser printers are quicker than inkjets and produce clearer and more defined images making for more expensive parts. Whereas inkjets are relatively inexpensive and are less prone to smudging as they use ink, addition, ink cartridges are smaller than toners too which also contributes to their price.

In the end, inkjet printers are mainly used commercially as they are used in homes as they are cheaper than laserjets and more accessible. Whereas laserjets are more so used in a business environment as they are more efficient, although being more expensive than the inkjet it will prove to be more cost-effective as it prints more pages per toner.