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Welcome to the spare laptop charger (without cable) section of our store. Here you will find a vast array of ac adapters for many brands of laptops, from Alienware to SONY along with different voltage and PIN types. Try using the product categories to refine your search.

AC Adapter Care

Chances are if you are replacing a laptop charger you have either lost or broken it. Here are a few tips on how to take care of your laptop chargers.

  • Most important is to make sure you don’t use your adapter on any other device than the device it’s intended to be used on. This can cause damage to the device or the charger as they could work on different voltages which could damage the power supply for example if the voltage is too high.
  • Don’t wrap the cable of your charger around the power brick. When the cable is coiled or wrapped around another object it can create kinks in the wire, in doing so you increasing the possibility of cable failure which will lead to the charger either not charging properly or dying.
  • Ensure when the charger is in use that it is out of people. Sometimes when using a charger the plug may be far away from the device, but when it is it leaves the chance for someone else to trip over the wire. Not only is this a health and safety hazard but also a sudden tugging at the wire can damage the cable or your device’s input.

Types of power adapter

Our AC adapters are separated into subcategories. Option (with cable) are power adapters that come with their mains cables. The power adapter plug type required will be dependent on what country you are using the adapter in.

Spare (without cable) adapters are the adapter only and need a power cable in order to plug them into the wall. A wall mount adapter is an AC adapter plug that plugs directly into the machine.