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Buy Acer Laptop Spare Parts

In the Acer Laptop Spares section of our online store you will find our selection of Acer laptop parts. The parts are listed by machine so to get started you can select the laptop series you are looking for or alternatively use the search bar at the top of the site.

How do I identify the Acer spare parts I need?

Finding the part number or numbers you need can be done in several ways. Some Acer laptop spares will have the part number printed on them. This will often be in the format XX.XXXXX.XXX e.g. NI.10200.035 or 50.KDDN8.004. You can then search for and purchase Acer laptop parts using this number.

If you are not able to open up the machine or the part does not have the part number on it you can consult documentation in order to find the right Acer parts. This can take the form of manuals or other information online. If you are unable to find the parts you need please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

What types of Acer laptop spares are available?

Whilst there are likely to be a large number of replaceable Acer spare parts in each laptop, they can often be grouped into categories to make finding the one you need easier. Below are some of the types of Acer laptop parts available for when you are searching for a replacement-

Cables- These can be external to the machine (such as power cables) or internal cables between components. When ordering Acer laptop spares such as sub boards it is important to check whether the required cable comes with them or is a separate part.

Heatsinks and fans – It is important to check whether the Acer spare parts number refers to both the heatsink and the fan if attached, or if they need to be purchased separately. You will also need to check in case the laptop has different dedicated and UMA graphics versions. Acer laptop parts such as the heatsink will likely be different for the 2 models in such cases.

Keyboard/Palmrest – In many models the keyboard and palmrest will be sold together and are not replaceable separately. Keyboards have regional layouts e.g. UK, French, German so it is important to check which one you need before purchasing. In addition some laptops will have backlit and non backlit models (referring to the illumination around the keys) with corresponding keyboards available.

Plastics – The casing/housing of the laptop. These Acer parts are often replaced due to cosmetic damage obtained during everyday use. The plastics include the base cover, the LCD rear cover and LCD bezel. The palmrest may also be available to buy separately but it is often included with the keyboard.

Sub boards/card- There are a wide variety of PCB Acer laptop spares that act as sub boards in a laptop. These perform various functions such as housing the ports (e.g. USB) of the laptop or in the case of WiFi cards providing network connectivity.

System Board – In many cases the most expensive and tricky component to replace. The main board of the laptop may have different CPU versions and other possible upgrades so it is important to check the Acer spare part number refers to the specific board you need.

What different ranges of laptops do Acer sell?

If you are looking to buy Acer spare parts but do no have the part number you will need to identify your laptop. There are several Acer laptop product ranges, some of the most common as listed below.

Acer Aspire – Acer’s general purpose range of laptops, the different ranges of machines come in a variety of budgets and target the needs of different user groups

Acer Chromebook – These laptops run Google’s Chrome OS. They are lightweight models designed for web use and for using web applications.

Acer Nitro – Acer’s mid level gaming range. These laptops offer good gaming performance for their cost but may lack some features of the higher end Acer Predator laptops.

Acer Predator-  Acer’s high performance gaming laptops. These machines feature high refresh screens as well as high end CPUs, graphics and cooling systems.

Acer Spin – These are convertible laptops that function as both a laptop and a tablet. They feature 360 degree hinges and touchscreens that allow them to be used as both.

Acer Swift –Thin and light laptops designed for portability. These laptops feature long battery life and many come with OLED displays.

Acer Travelmate – Lightweight and durable laptops aimed at business users.

Should I buy new or used Acer laptop spare parts?

You will find some Acer replacement parts available as both new and refurbished. New Acer laptop spares are likely to have a longer lifespan and warranty available with them. If reliability is your top concern then new parts may be the best option.

Refurbished Acer parts are likely to be cheaper than their new equivalents. With older machines there will come a point where the new replacement parts are no longer available, in this case refurbished Acer laptop spares may be the only option.

It is a question of matching your requirements. In some cases refurbished may be the best option in terms of budget and availability but if reliability is key then new parts would be the best choice if they are available.

Can I replace Acer laptop parts myself?

Firstly it is recommended you check the warranty of your machine. Any work undertaken can potentially invalidate an active warranty. In addition to this if you are experiencing problems with the machine the warranty could cover hardware defects and repairs.

If there is no warranty you may be able to undertake the work yourself. Any part replacements are performed at your own risk and can potentially damage the machine is carried out incorrectly.

If you have experience in similar repairs and are confident in what you are doing then it is possible to repair your own machine. If in doubt we recommend you contact a technician for advice.