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Buy Lenovo Laptop Spare Parts

Welcome to the Lenovo laptops spares section of our store, here you will find a range of different Lenovo laptop parts to choose from. To get started you will need to first select a brand that will redirect you to different model numbers under that brand, once you have found the model number that you need it will then show you all of the available parts for you to buy.

What part do you need?

Sometimes it can be quite difficult to figure out what replacement you need for your laptop, especially when there are alternate parts out there. The very first thing you will need to do is try and find out the part number of the part you are wanting to replace be it a hard drive or a screen. The part number is usually on a sticker or engraved on the back depending on the part. If you still need help finding the part number take a look at our knowledge base here.

Once you know what the part number is you will then be able to find it on our website via the search bar or going through the categories in the laptops spares section.

Types of Lenovo Laptops

With there being a wide range of Lenovo machines it can be easy to get lost in all the complicated explanations and forget what your looking for. This is a small list of the different types of Lenovo laptops available to see what would suit you best:

YOGA: The YOGA is Lenovo’s entry-level 2-in-1 laptop range. The YOGA is designed to be lightweight and powerful, flexible for people who need a machine both on the move and at their desk.

ThinkPad: ThinkPads are lightweight laptops designed for businesses be they small or large. They come with high tier specs and long-lasting battery life. Some even come with a built-in fingerprint reader perfect for that increased security.

IdeaPad: The Ideapad is an entry-level laptop range perfect for anyone looking to get the simple day to day tasks done, perfect for both teachers and students.

LEGION: This is Lenovo’s gaming range of laptops. These can come with 144Hz screens for a crisp quality as well as NVIDIA graphics cards to play high tier AAA games.