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Welcome to the peripherals section of the web shop, our computer accessories store. Here you will find our selection of computer accessories and computer peripherals including mice, keyboards and stylus pens.

Our range of computer peripheral devices also includes video adapters, headsets and carry cases. If you are looking to buy cheap computer accessories online you have come to the right place. Our products include new and second hand computer peripherals.


We stock a number of different headsets and headphones ranging from low priced ear plugs to high end noise cancelling headphones. As with all cheap computer peripherals there is a difference in quality depending on price however if having the best sound quality is not necessary than buying a cheaper set of headphones could be a good cost saving.


We offer a range of office keyboards, both wired and wireless in a variety of layouts. Layouts vary by country, if you are in the UK your keyboard probably has a UK layout, the easiest way to check is whether there is £ symbol on the ‘3’ key.


We offer both wired and wireless mice. Wireless mice need their batteries changing occasionally but do offer the convenience of having one less cable to deal with on your desk. Some combo mice incorporate a laser pointer making them ideal for people who give presentations.

Power Banks

Power banks are portable batteries that allow you to recharge your electrical devices on the go. Ideal for those who travel for business or for events such as music festivals.

Privacy Filters

We stock a range of privacy filters, these enhance privacy by only allowing the person immediately in front of the screen to see the contents, if you look at the screen from an angle the picture will appear darkened or distorted.

Stylus and Digitiser Pens

We stock a range of stylus pens and accessories for them such as the caps, holders and charger cables.


Cheap UK shipping is available on all items bought in our computer peripherals store. 2-3 day shipping is free and next day is only £5.95 + VAT