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Welcome to the power adapter section of our store. Here you will find our selection of new and refurbished AC adapters whether you need to replace your laptop adapter or simply want to have a spare. We stock all major manufacturers including Lenovo, Dell and HP. This section also contains power adapters for other devices such as printers, POS machines and small form factor PCs.

There are many AC/DC adapters available from each laptop manufacturer and choosing the right one is important. For example if you use one where the voltage is too low the laptop power adapter will not provide the power the machine needs, if you use one with too high a voltage then the laptop could overheat or components could potentially be damaged.

The easiest way is to find the part number on your current power adapter. It will usually be on the base of the adapter. Lenovo label their part numbers as ‘FRU’ and HP as ‘SPS’ or ‘Spares’ If you have a Dell machine you need to look for a long number that starts in this format- XX-XXXXX-. You can ignore the first 2 digits then the 0 after the dash, it is the 5 numbers after this you need.

There is often more than power adapter for laptop models and consulting the manufacturers website can help you identify another AC power supply that will be compatible. Failing that if you have a power adapter from the same manufacturer you can check the connector matches, the voltage is the same as your current AC adapter and the amps (A) is the same or better, this will identify adapters generally compatible.

At Tekeurope we have been sourcing AC adapters for our customers for over 15 years. If you are unsure of the adapter you need please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to advise on the correct power adapter you need.

Our AC adapters are separated into sub categories. Option (with cable) are power adapters that come with their mains cables. The power adapter plug type required will be dependent on what country you are using the adapter in.

Spare (without cable) adapters are the adapter only and need a power cable in order to plug them into the wall. A wall mount adapter is an AC adapter plug that plugs directly into the machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I consider changing my laptop adapter?

In the case of physical damage to the power adapter. This can be damage to the power brick itself in the form of wear or dents or to the cable. AC adapter cables can be particularly susceptible to fraying at each end, such as near the connector to the laptop. Replacing the AC adapter at this point can prevent any electrical hazard and ensures the laptop continues to work as expected.

Laptop adapter is overheating. The adapter overheating can suggest problems or some sort of malfunction. It is of course important to ensure that the AC adapter is well ventilated (e.g. not covered by a cushion if using the machine on a sofa) as this can also cause it to overheat. A loud buzzing or humming coming from the transformer/power brick can also indicate problems with the adapter.

Charging issues. If the laptop is not charging consistently or charging stops intermittently this could be down to the laptop’s AC adapter. There could be a lose connection or the power adapter could be defective and changing it may resolve these issues. Charging issues can of course also be as a result of a defective battery, DC socket or even a problem with the system board.

Is it possible to repair my laptop AC adapter myself?

It is strongly recommended that unless you have a experience working with electronics and components are confident in what you are doing that you do not attempt to repair a laptop power adapter due to the associated electric and fire hazards. It is instead recommended that the adapter is replaced.

How long will my laptop AC adapter typically last?

Manufacturers list anywhere between 2 and 5 years life for a new power adapter. This can depend on a number of factors. These include the build quality of the adapter- higher quality components are likely to last longer. How often the laptop adapter is used as well as how well it is handled and maintained will also influence lifespan. Some of the ways you can maximise your AC adapter’s usable life are listed below.

How can I maximise the life of my laptop AC adapter?

Make sure it is handled carefully, in particular the cable. Try to avoid pulling the cable, twisting it or bending it excessively (this can include making sure it is not badly tangled). If the cable is strained it can lead to the internal wires becoming damaged. When unplugging the laptop adapter try to pull it out using the plug/connector head to avoid strain. A loose cable around the connectors can often cause the adapter to stop work consistently.

Avoid overheating the AC adapter by ensuring it is well ventilated and not covered when in use. Also avoid placing it on surfaces that trap heat (such as metal in sunlight) to prevent this being transferred to the adapter. Avoid using the adapter in areas of high temperature or humidity if it all possible. It is worth checking periodically that the AC adapter is not overheating when being used.

Using a surge protector or a UPS power supply can protect your AC adapter from sudden power surges that can damage its internal components and reduce lifespan.

When not in use make sure to store the adapter away from any extreme temperatures or levels of humidity. People will sometimes wrap the cable around the adapter to keep it tidy but it is better to avoid this as similar to above it can cause strain on the cable.

How can I clean my laptop’s AC adapter?

It is recommended that you use a dry cloth to clean away any dust or dirt. It is best to avoid using liquid cleaners that could damage the AC adapter’s components and connectors.

Can a defective power adapter cause damage to my laptop?

Potentially yes. Amongst other things a damaged AC adapter could deliver incorrect or inconsistent voltage, damaging the laptop including its charging circuits. On noticing any damage it is best to cease using the adapter and replace it.

How do I identify the correct laptop power adapter that I need?

The easiest way is using the part number on the existing AC adapter. Assuming it is a genuine adapter it will normally have the manufacturer’s part number printed on the power brick. The format of this part number can vary by manufacturer and you can find our guide to identifying these part numbers here. Buying a new power adapter using this number will ensure a like for like replacement.

If you do not have this information to hand you may be able to find it in your laptop’s maintenance manual or on the manufacturer’s website. If you are unable to find this information it is worth contacting the manufacturer directly in order to find the correct replacement AC adapter part number.

It is also possible to find a replacement laptop adapter using the specifications of the existing ones. This means finding a replacement with the correct voltage and amperage. You need also need to ensure the size, shape, type and polarity of the connector match. If in doubt it is best to contact your laptop’s manufacturer to check the new AC is compatible as using the wrong adapter such as one with the wrong voltage can cause damage to the laptop.

What is meant by the laptop tip/connector?

This refers to the size and shape of the connector on the end of the adapter cable that plugs into the laptop. This must match what is required for the laptop or the AC adapter will not plug in correctly.  Some of the more common connector types include-

Barrel – A circular/cylindrical connector. The size is usually measured in mm. To determine the connector size 2 measurements are required- the inner and outer diameters.

USB-C – Newer laptops often use power adapters with a USB-C connector for charging.

Rectangular or square connectors- Some AC adapters may require an AC adapter with a rectangular or square connector. As opposed to USB-C connectors which are a universal standard these connector sizes are normally proprietary and unique to one brand of laptop model. An example of this is the yellow slim tip connector used on some Lenovo laptop adapters.

If uncertain on the connector type you have it is recommended that you consult the maintenance manual or any online documentation available for your machine.

Do your AC adapters come with power cables?

Often AC adapter part numbers refer to the adapter itself rather than the power cable so in these cases the AC adapter will come without a power cable. This is partly due to localisation- one laptop adapter will be suitable for most countries, but the power cable and plug will be different. Most AC adapters that come without the cable can be found in our “spare (without cable)” category and will usually include an option to buy a power cable in addition to the adapter.

Some AC adapters are sold as a kit and will include the power cable (or they will have a permanently attached power cable), these are usually found in our “option (with cable)” category.

What power cable will my laptop AC adapter normally need?

Generally compatible laptop adapter charger cables will be one of 3 common types. There are exceptions and some AC adapters may use one of the below but of a special type (e.g. using a right angled connector).

The 3 most common cable types are-

Cloverleaf (C5/C6) – This cable type has a 3 pronged plug type in the shape of a cloverleaf (1 pin/prong at the top and 2 underneath it).

Figure of 8 (C7) – This cable has a 2 pin/prong connector in the shape of a figure of 8. This is a very common cable type used in a large number of AC adapters.

Kettle (C13) – Another 3 prong connector which gets its name by being the same lead type that traditionally plugs into kettles. Often used on larger AC adapters.

You can normally determine which power cable is required just by physically inspecting the power connector on the AC adapter. If you don’t have it to hand, please consult your laptop’s documentation. Our power adapter product descriptions will normally include clover, kettle or figure of 8 to make this process easier.

After matching the correct connector type you also need to ensure the plug on the other end matches the country or region you are in so it can be connected to the mains. Power cables will also come in various lengths such as 1 or 1.8m so it is important to select one appropriate for where the power adapter will be used.

What are wall mount AC adapters?

Whilst an AC adapter will normally have a power cable (either built in or attached) running to the mains sockets, wall mount adapters are designed to plug directly into the wall outlet. Normally designed to be compact, they normally consist of a power brick that has the plug attached to it as well as the cable running to the device that is being powered.

As the plug is attached to the adapter it is important to check that the plug attached is compatible with the plug sockets you have access to. Occasionally a wall mount adapter will have switchable plugs, allowing them to be used in multiple countries.

Should I use a clone AC adapter?

Whilst clone/3rd party adapters are often cheaper we would recommend using a manufacturer’s genuine replacement AC adapter. Using a genuine AC adapter with the correct part number ensures compatibility with your machine and that any laptop warranty is not potentially voided.