Welcome to the power adapter section of our store. Here you will find our selection of new and refurbished AC adapters whether you need to replace your laptop adapter or simply want to have a spare. We stock all major manufacturers including Lenovo, Dell and HP. This section also contains power adapters for other devices such as printers, POS machines and small form factor PCs.

Choosing the right laptop AC adapter

There are many AC/DC adapters available from each laptop manufacturer and choosing the right one is important. For example if you use one where the voltage is too low the laptop power adapter will not provide the power the machine needs, if you use one with too high a voltage then the laptop could overheat or components could potentially be damaged.

The easiest way is to find the part number on your current power adapter. It will usually be on the base of the adapter. Lenovo label their part numbers as ‘FRU’ and HP as ‘SPS’ or ‘Spares’ If you have a Dell machine you need to look for a long number that starts in this format- XX-XXXXX-. You can ignore the first 2 digits then the 0 after the dash, it is the 5 numbers after this you need.

There is often more than power adapter for laptop models and consulting the manufacturers website can help you identify another AC power supply that will be compatible. Failing that if you have a power adapter from the same manufacturer you can check the connector matches, the voltage is the same as your current AC adapter and the amps (A) is the same or better, this will identify adapters generally compatible.

At Tekeurope we have been sourcing AC adapters for our customers for over 15 years. If you are unsure of the adapter you need please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to advise on the correct power adapter you need.

Types of power adapter

Our AC adapters are separated into sub categories. Option (with cable) are power adapters that come with their mains cables. The power adapter plug type required will be dependent on what country you are using the adapter in.

Spare (without cable) adapters are the adapter only and need a power cable in order to plug them into the wall. A wall mount adapter is an AC adapter plug that plugs directly into the machine.