Welcome to the memory section of our store, where you will find our range of RAM. Whether it is new or refurbished computer memory you are looking for you will find a large selection to choose from, whether you need RAM for a server, a desktop or a laptop.

RAM is important.

Without enough RAM computer performance can be negatively impacted with the operating system forced to fall back onto much slower virtual memory if the required applications are even able to run at all, so it is important to choose correctly. If often helps to consider what tasks will be taking place on the machine in question and how much computer memory will be required to perform those tasks.

As well as capacity, speed is an important consideration when selecting RAM. Alongside the CPU and GPU RAM can often be one of the biggest bottlenecks in a systems performance. Of course faster and higher capacity computer memory comes at a cost so often buying refurbished RAM memory can help to stretch your budget further and we have a huge selection to choose from.

When selecting computer memory it is important to know what RAM a motherboard can support. Depending on the age of a machine’s motherboard it will use a different memory technology such as DDR1, DDR2 etc, generally newer generations are faster and run on lower voltages. The position of the notch in RAM memory is different between generations so a stick of DDR3 RAM will not fit in a motherboard that supports DDR2.

Choosing RAM for servers is further complicated by having to choose between ECC and non-ECC, buffered and unbuffered etc depending on the motherboard’s requirements but with the large range we have in stock we are confident you will be able to find compatible RAM.

At Tekeurope we have a proven track record of sourcing and providing new and refurbished RAM to our large client base. If you are unsure of your computer memory requirements or need some advice on compatibility, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to assist you.