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Welcome to the networking section of our store. Here you will find a variety of networking hardware, anything to help with your networking needs from adapters to cables.

Network Cables

One of the key components for networking is usually the network cable, this cable is often used to directly connect a device such as a PC or a laptop to the internet via a wired connection. Although the majority of devices are usually connected wirelessly yet generally a wired connection will be faster and more consistent as it is never weighed down by any unexpected traffic. So if you are using the internet for business or gaming a consistent connection is usually required, this is where a network cable would prove to be more useful than a wireless connection.


Sometimes people may want to use their laptop on the internet whilst on the move, without a nearby place to connect with free wifi it can be difficult to try and find somewhere to connect. But with a wifi dongle, they can connect via a sim card depending on their provider. This way they can use a 3g or 4g network to access the internet.  Although they don’t have the strongest internet connection at all times it’s still a very convenient way to access the internet on a laptop when on the move.

Tips for Improving your connection.

Here are just a few tips for people who are struggling with a poor connection at home.

  • If possible try moving your router to a more central location of your house, this often helps as the router will have a limited reach within the house so making it central improves its chances of encompassing the whole house.
  • When you encounter slow or sluggish internet check that devices that you are not using, such as Tv’s and PC’s are turned off. This is because these devices on the internet could be updating and creating traffic.
  • If you have a main device that you wish to use and the internet is slow, try plugging it in directly to the router via a network cable, that way you should have an improved connection with no traffic.

If you need any help with internet security please navigate to our knowledgebase where we have a security section helping keep you safe.