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Buy Desktop/Tower PC Spare Parts

Welcome to the desktop spares section of our website, here you will find a variety of different spare parts that you might need for your desktop/tower, such as motherboards, fans and cables. With our categories broken down via brands and then machines you’ll be able to find the spares, you need for your machine quicker and easier.

What parts do you need?

If your looking to replace a part for your machine it can be quite difficult to try and find the exact replacement as there are often variants and different models. The best thing to do if not done already is to find out the model number of your desktop as that way you can look through our categories to try and find your machine a lot easier.

Now you’re in the correct category your next step will be to filter out what you don’t want. So, if you are looking for a motherboard then you will want to select motherboards on the left-hand side amongst the list of other parts. Then you will be left with a list of parts that are available for your machine.

Our top parts

Motherboards are one of our top-selling parts in our desktop spares category as many people will be looking for the exact replacement for their machine as it’s often harder to find an alt for a motherboard due to its size and how it distributes power.

CPUs are often bought for the same reason that the motherboards are as they are often for older models and are then harder to come by, they will also be bought alongside the motherboard as it’s easier to replace together.

GPUs that are bought are for pre-built machines and therefore will have to be for a specific size specification, so when people are looking for a replacement it’s often easier to find a valid replacement through our desktop spares category.

RAM is often bought for people who want to increase their capacity as RAM never usually breaks and people look to the spares to find a viable upgrade.