Welcome to the power supply section of our website, here you will find power supplies best suited for Desktops and servers coming in a variety of different wattages and brands from HP to Corsair. If you're looking to find a power supply best suited to you we will have it here.

Finding the right power supply for you

If you are looking to find a power supply for a home machine and you are in the right place. Sometimes it can be fairly confusing trying to find the right PSU (Power Supply) especially considering it’s arguably one of the most important components to a PC.

The first key factor to look into is how big a PSU are you going to need? Or rather what wattage will you need? There are two ways of doing this, the first of which is arguably the hardest of the two. The reason being is that it will require you to find out the maximum power requirements of all of your other components and find out from there how much power you would need. On the other hand, you can easily look for a power calculator online where you will be able to search the parts you have and it will show you the total amount of power that is required.

Now you’ve found out how much power you need your going to want to leave some wriggle room. For example, if the total 540w you'd want to get 600w PSU as opposed to a 550w PSU just to be safe. If you are someone who is planning on upgrading in the future it might be an idea to get a larger one now as it means you won't have to worry about getting a bigger one in the future.

Now that you have figured out how much power you need, you'll need to figure out whether or not the power supply will fit into your form factor, so ensure that you are able to fit your new PSU in your PC. Once you’ve measured up you should be ready to go.