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Buy Laptop Spare Parts

Welcome to the laptops spares section of our store, here you will find a range of different brands to choose from. To get started you will need to first select a brand that will redirect you to different model numbers under that brand, once you have found the model number that you need it will then show you all of the available parts for you to buy.

Cost Savings

Repairing a laptop instead of buying a new one can lead to a considerable cost saving. Many issues with a laptop can be the result of the failure of a single replaceable part that can often be replaced.

As well as the financial benefit of repairing the laptop, it can also reduce your environmental footprint- by retaining your existing machine the impact of manufacturing is reduced to a laptop spare part and the amount of e-waste produced is reduced.

What part do I need?

Sometimes it can be quite difficult to figure out what replacement spare part you need for your laptop, especially when there are alternate parts out there. The very first thing you will need to do is try and find out the part number of the part you are wanting to replace be it a hard drive or a screen. The part number is usually on a sticker or engraved on the back depending on the part.

If you do not have access to the laptop to get the spare part number or do not wish to open it the next place to try can be maintenance manuals for the machine or other information on the manufacturer’s website. If still in doubt it can be worth contacting the manufacturer directly.

Once you know what the part number is you will then be able to find it on our website via the search bar or going through the categories in the laptops spares section.

Types of parts

Although there is a huge list of spare parts for laptop, this list will go through some of the more popular laptop parts available to give you an idea of what you are looking for when searching for a replacement:

AC Adapter: The AC Adapter is usually quite easy to replace as it will have all of the information on the back of the power bank, just be sure that you check the voltage requirements before you purchase.

Cables: When ordering laptop spare parts such as sub boards it is important to check if they come with and/or require a cable. Internal cables are often listed as separate part numbers or come in a laptop cable kit. When buying spare parts for laptops it is always worth double checking the manufacturer’s website when unsure.

Heatsink/Fan:Heatsinks/fans draw heat away from components such as the CPU and helps maintains a stable temperature, this is a key component in keeping your laptop efficient. Some high-performance laptops such as gaming machines may have more than one heatsink and some laptop models will have the heatsink and fan sold separately.

Palmrest/keyboardWhen people look for a replacement keyboard, they often forget to check the language layout, be sure you make sure that you are buying the correct language keyboard before your purchase.

Plastics: Some of the most frequently purchased laptop spare parts are the laptop’s plastics. These parts often get scratched and marked during everyday use of the laptop,

The plastics include the base, LCD rear cover and LCD bezel. When purchasing plastics it is worth double checking the part comes with everything you need- for example on some models the laptop spares part number will refer to the base but not the memory or drive covers on the base.

Speakers:The speakers may be sold separately as left and right speakers or may come together in a kit.

Sub boards/cardSub boards can offer a variety of functions including adding ports or wireless connectivity. These can be very machine specific, so it is important to confirm compatibility when searching for these laptop spares.

Webcam: The webcams in laptops are quite easy to break as they can be damaged alongside the screen of your laptop but remember that most screen replacements don’t also come with the webcam.

Is it possible to update certain laptop spare parts to improve performance?

Yes some laptop spares will be upgradeable. This is often parts with standardised form factors and connectors such as hard drives and memory.

Some laptop models may have slight variations that ship with varying versions of the screen or system board and it may be possible to upgrade to a better version. Consult the machine’s documentation to find out what upgrades are possible.

Whilst updating the graphics card on a desktop PC is relatively straightforward this is not usually the case with laptops or notebook. Many laptops have graphics chips that are integrated with the board and cannot be swapped.

Should I buy new or used laptop parts?

This depends on a number of factors including budget and what the laptop is being used for. New spare parts for laptops may have a longer lifespan and come with a longer warranty. The potentially increased reliability may be important if the machine is fulfilling some mission critical function and downtime cannot be afforded.

If you are replacing laptop spare parts on a budget, on a home machine without any critical function then used laptop parts may be a more economical choice.

It is important to consider availability. New spare parts for laptop models that are older can potentially be harder to source- once the model is discontinued often the manufacture of the spare parts will be the same and used parts may be all that is available.

Is it possible to replace laptop spare parts myself?

Before considering repair the first thing to check is if the laptop’s warranty is still active. This can be voided if the laptop is opened or any repair work takes place. The warranty if still active may also cover the cost of the replacement laptop spare parts.

The difficulty of a spare part replacement will vary depending on the part being replaced and laptop model. Whether to undertake the work yourself will depend on your technical skills and confidence. Some replacements such as the battery may be straightforward however replacing other laptop spare parts such as the motherboard may be more complex.

Ultimately any work undertaken is done at your own risk and if in doubt it may be worth consulting a technician or engineer.

What brands do you stock laptop spare parts for?

Whilst our stock is constantly changing, we offer laptop spares for all major laptop brands including Lenovo, HP, Acer and Dell. These include both new and refurbished parts.

What can I do if I can’t find the laptop spares I need?

Feel free to contact us and we will see if we can source the part or parts that you need.