Welcome to the power bank section of the website, here you will find a variety of different power banks suited to being used on the mover for anyone who needs extra power for the devices. With USB ports you will be able to charge many different devices from Apple products to Android devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Power banks are battery adapters that can be charged up and then used to supply power to other devices. They are quite useful devices for many different reasons, one of which would belong journeys as that way they can charge any devices they need to whilst on the move. Power banks now are quite versatile as the majority of them will have USB inputs, meaning that you will be able to charge a large variety of products providing they can be charged via USB.

Some of the best power banks charge up via solar panels usually on the back or top of the bank. These solar power bank chargers are well suited to people who plan on spending long periods outdoors. Such as campers hikers and festival-goers as they can either clip them to their bags or tents so they can passively charge throughout the day ready for when you need to charge your phone. Some power banks also come with torches that could prove useful for when you are out in the dark, although they use the charger's power as well it makes for an extra handy tool for when you are out and about.

If you are looking to charge something other than a phone or something potentially that requires more power then you want to make sure that the charger can supply it. If you were looking to charge something like your Nintendo switch then you would want to be looking for something that outputs 1.5 amps or more as any less either won't charge it or will charge it very slowly. So ensure that you check the charger's output before buying as they vary. For the same reason, you should also check the charger's capacity as cheaper chargers won't charge for long and that may not be ideal for what you plan on using it for.