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Welcome to the gaming section of our store. Here you will find parts and accessories for your gaming pc. Whatever pc gaming accessories you need you will find them here, with items ranging from those ideal for creating a cheap pc gaming setup to high end gaming monitors.

Gaming Mice

DPI is a major consideration when purchasing a mouse for your gaming pc. There is not an optimal number, higher DPI will mean quicker movement of the cursor with less physical effort but too high and the mouse can become too sensitive. It is also worth considering how many buttons are on the mouse, many gaming mice come with programmable buttons allowing you to assign macros to them for easier gameplay. There can be a large variation in weight when it comes to gaming mice and what weight is best for you comes down to personal preference.

Gaming Headphones

The experience of playing on gaming pcs can be greatly improved with a good gaming headset or set of gaming headphones. It is important to choose a set that blocks out as much external noise as possible as this is one of the largest factors in determining the sound quality you will get. It is also worth checking if the headset offers surround sound and whether it comes with a microphone if that is something you require.

 Gaming Monitors

When selecting the best pc gaming monitor for your desktop gaming pc there are a number of things to consider. A higher resolution will give a better picture but will place increased strain on your graphics card so consider your system specs when purchasing. A lower response time reduces motion blur when gaming whilst a higher refresh rate will make the picture smoother. It also worth considering a curved monitor, the shape increases the field of view leading to a more immersive experience.


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