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Mechanical Gaming Keyboards

Welcome to the Gaming keyboard section of our store, this is where you’ll be able to get your hands on some of the top keyboards in the industry. If your also looking to get a gaming keyboard RGB ready we have you covered with some of the most unique looking keyboards on the market.

Sometimes when people go to buy gaming keyboards it can often be overwhelming as there are loads of gaming keyboards out there with many different designs. So, here are a few tips to help find the right gaming keyboard for you.

RGB stands for red, blue and green LEDs, which means that it will have LEDs backlighting the keys with a full spectrum. Having this is completely up to you as it’s almost completely an aesthetic preference but it’s also good to note that the majority of keyboards that come with RGB lighting have a button to turn them off.

Mechanical gaming keyboards have what are called switches, which essentially affects your key pressing experience. The three types are red, brown and blue.


  • Red/Linear has no bump and click which means that the key goes straight down with no resistance or click similar to your standard non-keyboards.
  • Brown/Tactile has a bump with no click, a “bump” is having some feedback/resistance before you press the key all the way down to improve accuracy.
  • Blue/Clicky has a bump with a click, these are the same as the brown but they also make a clicking sound once pressed. These would be more suited to typing as opposed to playing games.

When it comes to customising the lighting to your keyboard you will often find that the manufacturer will have software available to download to help you get your custom lighting set up.

If you are having trouble trying to decide whether you should go wired or wireless there isn’t much difference in quality. Yet if you have a wireless keyboard you will have to either charge your keyboard or have batteries on hand, which could be problematic if you were mid-way through a game. Although if you have a wired keyboard it’s just another cable for you to manage.