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Welcome to the CPU (processor) section of our store. Whether it is an Intel or AMD CPU you need we have a large selection of laptop, desktop and server CPU spare parts for sale.

A slow CPU can be one of the biggest bottlenecks in a system making an upgrade often worthwhile. Buying a new CPU can be costly and due to the low failure rate of CPUs finding a refurbished CPU for sale can often make more economic sense.

At Tekeurope we have over 15 years experience supplying CPUs to a range of customers, from FTSE 250 companies to home users so if aren’t sure what you are looking for or can’t see it in store please feel free to contact us and let us help you to identify or source the CPU you need.

Whether needing an AMD CPU or Intel CPU the first thing to check is the socket supported by your motherboard. This is the physical form factor of the CPU and this needs to match or the CPU will not fit. However not every CPU that fits a socket will be compatible for example the motherboard may not offer enough power to power the CPU. It is important to check your motherboard’s documentation to see what CPUs are supported.

Clock speed used to be a simple way to compare a CPU to another one, this is no longer generally the case. It is useful when comparing a CPU to one in the same family for example 2 Intel 2nd generation Sandy Bridge i7s but is not useful more generally. The amount a CPU can accomplish during one cycle can vary massively, for example an old Pentium 4 might clock at 3Ghz and a new i5 might clock at 3.2Ghz but there is a huge difference in performance .

A CPU that has multiple cores can offer a speed improvement compared to a comparable CPU with only a single core. Multiple cores allow a CPU to perform simultaneous calculation and each core can handle a different program thread and be utilised by software in order to run faster.