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New and Refurb Hard Disk Drives

Welcome to the drives section of our store where you will find our selection of hard drives, solid state drives and optical drives for sale. We have both new and refurbished hard drives for sale. Our selection of drives covers all major brands and manufacturers including Lenovo, HP, Seagate and Western Digital.


At Tekeurope we have over 15 years experience supplying new and refurb hard drives to a range of customers, from FTSE 250 companies to home users so if aren’t sure what you are looking for or can’t see it in store please feel free to contact us and let us help you to identify or source the drive you need.

Whilst we offer a number of brand new drives sometimes the most economical solution can be to find a refurb hard drive for sale. All the refurb hard drives and solid state drives in our inventory have been tested and wiped and ship with their own test report specific to that drive’s serial number so when you buy refurbished hard drives from us you can be assured of quality.

When selecting either new or refurb hard drives it is important to check what your machine supports in terms of drive size and interface. Generally laptops will take a 2.5” 7mm or 9mm SATA drive and newer models may also support m2 NVME drives as well. Generally desktops take a 3.5” drive but can use a 2.5” drive with the help of a caddie.

Should I choose a solid state drive or a hard drive?

Mechanical hard drives will be typically be cheaper for an equivalent amount of storage space but a solid state drive particularly an m2 one will offer quicker access to data. This means if you if you need long term storage of a large amount of data that you will not require quick access to then a mechanical hard drive will be a better option. If you require fast access to data a solid state will be a better choice, this is particularly noticeable when doing tasks such as gaming where load times can be significantly reduced.