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Welcome to our carry cases section. Here you will find different bags, sleeves and covers to help protect your laptop or tablet, with a variety of different brands from Lenovo to Samsung.

Tablet cases

Although tablets are advertised as being robust portable devices they often end up having scratched or cracked screens. The best way to improve the lifespan of these devices is to get a case. The reason being is that the case will more often than not be able to absorb the impact of being dropped accidentally, also cases will come with a flip cover. These are helpful as they protect the screen whenever it’s not in use or a bag, the cover will stop other items in the bag from scratching it. The cover can also double up as a stand as well perfect for watching videos.

Laptop bags

Having a laptop bag is a much more convenient way of transporting a laptop as you can carry more than just the laptop. The inside of laptop bags are often padded to prevent damage from it being dropped, they also have straps on the inside to help hold the laptop in place making sure it doesn’t move around. It’s also a much more stylish way of going around with your laptop. In this section, we offer a wide range of unisex laptop bags instead of having laptop bags for men and laptop bags for women.

Laptop sleeves

In addition to having a laptop bag, a laptop sleeve will protect the laptop from anything inside the bag. As most people have other items in their bags, these items could prove hazardous as they could scratch or mark your laptop. Laptop sleeves can also be used instead of a bag for a more minimalistic approach, they may not be as easy to carry around but they are perfect for anyone who drives to work. They are also good for home users as they minimize the amount of dust or debris that the laptop comes in contact with when it’s not in use.