Data Loss Disclaimer

Data from computer hard drives and other storage devices can be lost for a number of reasons, including failure of the drives themselves, viruses and spyware or other software problems, it is therefore strongly recommended users maintain a regular backup of important data to an external storage device such as a USB stick or a cloud server.

Whilst every care is taken to prevent any damage to a device during the repair/fitting and shipping processes there is a potential for data loss and therefore important data should be backed up prior to the device being sent.

Customer Declaration

By agreeing to this declaration I understand that there is a potential for data loss and I have made necessary backups of any and all data I wish to keep. I understand that Tekeurope UK LTD will not accept any responsibility or liability for loss of data however it occurs whilst the device is in their possession or during shipping.

I can confirm I am either the owner of the device or an authorised representative of the owner and are therefore able to make this declaration.