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Mouse and Keyboards

Welcome to the keyboard and mouse section of our store. We offer both peripherals for sale separately as well as keyboard mouse combos if you are looking to buy both together. Our range covers those after a cheap mouse for sale for office work through to those after something more advanced for gaming.

Wireless or Wired?

When purchasing a mouse or keyboard wireless and wired models are available. In the past a wireless keyboard or mouse was considerably more expensive compared to an equivalent wired model however the difference in price is now far less.

The choice comes down partially to personal preference. If you are looking to reduce the number of cables on your desk then a wireless set up will help you to accomplish this. This does however come at the cost of having to occasionally change the batteries in the items. For those with laptops with a small number of ports a wireless keyboard and mouse can often share a dongle, freeing up one more port than would have been used by cabled versions.

One potential downside of using a wireless keyboard or mouse is input lag- the delay from your action to the computer receiving the signal and processing it. If you are using an office mouse a split seconds delay is unlikely to cause an issue, however for gamers it is a different story. The amount of lag depends largely on the mouse, for a cheap mouse wireless connectivity is likely to cause a lot more lag than for gaming mice which promise practically no delay.

In the past simply being able to plug a keyboard and mouse in rather than having to pair them with the device may have put people off wireless devices. However with a modern mouse or keyboard wireless setup can often be as easy as plugging in the dongle and pressing a button.

Should I pick a budget keyboard and mouse or high end models?

It depends entirely on what you use your PC for. With a cheap keyboard and mouse gaming is of course still possible but gaming mice and keyboards offer additional features such as programmable buttons that you may want.
On the other hand a lot of the features offered by a gaming keyboard or mouse would be redundant for office work and it would not be worth paying the extra. Instead finding a cheap keyboard and mouse for sale would make more sense.