Welcome to the Printer Spares section of our store where you will find our selection of both new and refurbished printer parts. This section does not contain toners, cartridges or complete machines, if you require printer consumables please visit that section.

Printers can be expensive and sometimes replacing individual printer components can achieve a large cost saving. When buying printer parts online please double check your purchase is compatible with the model number of your printer. Not sure which printer parts you need? Feel free to contact us and let us help.

We stock a variety of printer parts categorised by their function. Access doors are the plastic doors covering various parts of the printer a user or engineer will need access to such as the ink cartridge or fuser.

Next we have the fusers themselves. Note when buying these particular printer parts UK, European and worldwide voltages can differ so be sure to check what the supported voltage is in your country before purchase. The fuser fuses the toner to the paper so if the toner is no longer sticking a new fuser can be a potential fix. Fusers either come on their own or as a part of a maintenance kit, which also usually includes printer rollers and separation pads.

Our printer parts store also includes printer power boards, although there are multiple reasons a printer will not power on often changing the power board can solve the problem, particularly if there is damage to the power connector itself.

Within our printer parts section we also stock printer trays, as well as being suitable for replacing damaged or defective trays often additional trays can be added to increase the printer’s capacity or to allow for different paper types sizes to be used.

Some printer components can be added to printers to increase their functionality. For example the HP Laserjet series basic models do not include a network card but this can be added. These can be found in the network section.

We also stock a range of harder to find smaller parts such as sensors, springs and solenoids.