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Welcome to the desktop PC part of our store. Here you will find our range of refurbished PCs. If you are looking for cheap desktop PCs or something new, there are a wide range prices and brands to look through.

Types of PC

When shopping for desktop PCs it’s always good to know what to look out for, sometimes the PC you want may need to be a certain size or you may need a cheap PC desktop, some of these key words may help you find what you need.


If you are looking for smaller PC it will tend to be labelled SFF (small form factor) which are made so they can be places more conveniently, be it at home or at work or at home sometimes a smaller PC is needed to accommodate for the space you have. Although they are convenient for you have in smaller places, they often won’t have the highest specifications due to their size.


A tower is the most common desktop PC that you will come across, they tend to live under the desk due to their size and will often be easier to edit due to their space. There are also mini-towers and mid-towers which are slightly different sized towers. Its good to know what size you will need before buying your tower.


The Full-Tower is pretty much the same as the other towers but instead can be up to 3-feet tall, capable of a lot more storage and having much better air circulation.

Its also worth looking into the components you need for your desktop PC as you will need to know what specs the PC has before you buy it, to make sure it can do everything that you need it to. So, if you are looking for a higher end PC then you can sort from high to low to see the PCs with higher specs first. But if you are looking for a higher end gaming PC on the other hand its better to have a look at our gaming section on our website.