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Buy HP Laptop Spare Parts

In our HP Laptop Spares store you will find 100s of HP laptop spare parts. We carry both new and refurbished HP laptop parts covering machines across HP’s range of laptops. Parts are grouped by machine so to get started select the laptop series you are looking for and then the specific machine. Alternatively you can use the search function on the top bar of our site.

What part do I need?

The first thing you will need to do when looking for an HP laptop parts replacement is figure out the part number or part numbers you need. HP laptop spares generally have a part number which follows the format XXXXXX-XXX with the Xs replaced by letters and numbers.

If you have access to the laptop and the HP laptop spare part you are replacing the easiest way is to check the part itself to see if the part number is printed on it. This will ensure a like for like replacement.

You may not feel confident in opening up your machine or may not have physical access to the laptop in which case you will need to consult the machine’s documentation to find compatible HP laptop spare parts. This can be in the form of paper manuals you received with your machine or through documentation on HP’s website, which also offers the option to get in contact for further help.

On our website the HP laptop spares are ordered by machine type so you can try searching this way. Be aware there are variations in laptop models such as the screen type, colour etc so it is important to double to check to make sure you are ordering the correct part.

Types of HP laptop spares

There are a broad range of HP laptop parts for sale in our store, with each component in the laptop being replaceable. These include:

Cables: Sometimes cables will be available to buy separately but often they come as part of a cable kit for the laptop. The HP spare parts number will refer to the entire kit.

Fans and Heatsinks: There can sometimes be more than one HP laptop spare part number for the heatsink for a type of laptop. This usually happens if there are 2 variations of the laptop- one with integrated UMA graphics and one with discrete graphics. The heatsinks are almost never interchangeable so check before ordering a replacement.

Keyboard: As well as having regional keyboard layouts, HP laptop keyboards often come in backlit and non backlit versions for a machine. Other variations can include privacy and non privacy versions so it is important to check exactly what model you need before purchasing.

Plastics: Whilst often only subject to cosmetic damage, some of the most frequently replaced HP laptop spare parts are the plastics. This can include the base, the palmrest or the LCD rear cover and bezel. These parts often suffer scratches and other light damage during the day to day use of the laptop.

Sub boards/cards: When replacing these boards it is worth checking the HP spare part description to find out whether they include a cable. Sometimes the cable will be included in a kit for the laptop with a different HP Spares number that is sold separately.

Types of HP Laptops

HP laptops come in different ranges aimed at both different audiences and price points. Below are some of the models for which we stock HP laptop spare parts.

Chromebook: These budget HP laptops run on Chrome OS and are suitable for basic computing tasks such as web browsing.

Elitebook: Aimed at business and enterprise users, the Elitebook range often offers security features like fingerprint and smart card readers.

Omen: HP’s gaming line of laptops- they feature high refresh rate displays as well as high end CPUs and graphics cards. Some Omen laptops include RGB lighting.

ProBook: The HP ProBook is one of their best sellers for businesses as they are designed to be high powered and simple in design, perfect for a work environment.

Pavilion: Being one of HPs best selling laptops, the HP Pavilion is designed for all-day use having a long battery life alongside a fast charging AC adapter. It also comes with HP QuickDrop- software that makes it easy for you to share stuff between devices perfect for families.

Spectre: A premium high end laptop range featuring high build quality and displays. The spectre is a high end consumer and business laptop range.

What can I do if I can’t find the HP laptop spare parts I need?

Feel free to contact us and we will see if we can source the part or parts that you need. Having your HP laptop’s model number and serial to hand will speed up the process of finding the right HP laptop spares.

Can I fit the new HP parts myself?

Before carrying out any repair it is first worth checking if the laptop is still under warranty. If the machine is under warranty the cost of the replacement HP spare parts is likely to be covered as well as the cost of fitting them. Any work undertaken on a machine in warranty is also likely to invalidate the warranty.

HP laptop spares replacements can vary hugely in difficulty depending on the part in question. Swapping a battery may just involve releasing a catch on the back of a machine whilst a system board replacement will be far more complicated. All work will be carried out at your own risk and if in doubt it may be worth contacting a technician or engineer.

What HP laptop spares can be upgraded?

Some parts such as the memory, drives, screens and system boards may be upgradable. Please consult your laptop’s manual to find out what is supported.