Welcome to the stylus and digitizer pens section of our store. Here you will find our best stylus pens to suit all your needs from working on a tablet to accurate drawing and art pieces. We also have a selection of charging cables and holders for anyone looking to ensure their pen is kept charged and safe.

Uses of a stylus pen

One of the biggest advantages of having a stylus pen is its accuracy and due to this, it makes it an ideal tool for anyone who creates art through software. A stylus pen can be used on a variety of creative software such as adobe photoshop and illustrator to make hand-drawn pictures and characters. They can also use them on 3D modelling software to create scenery or characters for more pinpoint accuracy for editing the meshes.

Stylus pens are also very useful for people who are teaching or presenting. This way they can quickly draw out graphs or ideas during the presentation making it easy to translate their ideas to the screen with having premade charts or notes. It's also good for anyone taking rough notes, so anyone watching a presentation may not be the best at typing fast or accurately. Having a stylus pen allows them to jot down notes efficiently.

Types of Stylus

Active Stylus: Has a tip just like your average biro pen but it has electronic parts within it which make it more accurate than your average pen. They also have pressure sensitivity perfect for artists. Due it the internal electronic parts more expensive active stylus pens will have additional features such as an eraser mode.

Passive (capacitive) Stylus: This is usually less expensive than an active stylus as it does not communicate directly to the device. Instead, act as an alternative to using your finger. This is since the passive conducts electrical charge from your finger to the screen. The benefit to a passive stylus is that you can use them on any phone as they act as a conductor for your finger and don’t require any additional software.