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Welcome to the video cable adaptors section of our store, here you’ll find different types of video adaptor cables that you might need be it VGA to HDMI cable or a DVI to VGA you will be able to get one here.

What is a video adapter cable?

A video adapter cable is used to deliver video signals from one type of connector to another. An example would be that a DVI to VGA adapter would transfer video information from a DVI cable to a VGA cable. The reason this may be needed is that sometimes a device may not be compatible with another devices video connector, this is typically found with PCs and monitors.

Types of connectors


A HDMI (High definition multimedia interface) transfers video signals the same way DVI does but it also carries audio signals too. HDMI ports are now one of the most common as they are found in monitors, TV’s, Laptops and PC’s due to their ability to transfer sound and video.


One of the newest types of connectors is the DisplayPort which transfers sound and video in the same way as HDMI but it is capable to connect to more high-end graphics found in things such as high spec PCs and displays. It also still carries audio signals at high quality too.


A DVI (Digital Visual Interface) cable transfers video signals via one or two TMDS links (Transition Minimized Differential Signaling) to the selected device. Although there are a few different types of DVI cables such as DVI-D single link, DVI-I dual-link and more, they all fundamentally work the same either with a different amount of pins or TMDS links.


The VGA (Video Graphics Array) is a type of video output that is used mainly for computers to output their video signals to a monitor. Although not as common today it is still used in older model monitors and PCs and is often paired with DVI via an adapter as VGA may not be compatible with newer systems.

If you want to find out more about video ports and connectors have a look at our knowledgebase here.