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HP Replacement Laptop Keyboards

Welcome to the HP laptop keyboard section of our online store. Here you will find a variety of HP laptop keyboard replacement in a range of different languages, with both new and refurbished keyboards available.

Picking the right keyboard

The first thing to determine is what model keyboard you need. The part number you need will often be written on the base of the keyboard. Laptop keyboard replacement varies by model so consult your machine’s documentation if you are unsure how to do this.

If you are doing an HP laptop keyboard replacement the part number will usually be labelled as the SPS or spares number. Lenovo instead uses the term “FRU”(field replaceable unit). If it’s a replacement keyboard for Dell laptop models then the part number will be long but start with 2 digits followed by a dash and then 6 digits that start with 0, it is the 5 digits after the zero that is the part number you need.

If for whatever reason you can’t check the part number on the base when searching for the laptop replacement keyboard HP and Lenovo amongst others offer excellent search tools to determine the part number on their website. You can either search by the serial number of your machine or by the part number of a laptop keyboard you find to check compatibility.

If you are unable to determine the laptop replacement keyboard part number you need feel free to contact us and we will do our best to assist you. If you can provide a laptop model and serial the search will be considerably easier.

If you are looking to bring laptop keyboard replacement costs down and can tolerate a few marks or scratches, then a refurbished laptop keyboard can be a good choice.

Laptop Keyboard Options

Whilst your options will be limited you do have a few options when selecting a replacement laptop keyboard. The first being the layout, so if you have for example bought a US laptop and are in the UK you could switch to a keyboard with a UK layout.

The 2nd choice you may have is whether to buy a backlit or non-backlit laptop keyboard if your model supports it. A backlit keyboard has lights underneath the keys that light up the symbols on them and their surroundings making them easier to see in low light.

You may also find a laptop keyboard listed as spill-resistant, this is fairly self-explanatory. Although not guaranteed to work in the case of liquid spilling onto it the keyboard normally has a layer on the bottom to protect the system board by preventing liquid from reaching it.