Welcome to the DIMM Memory section of our website, here you will find RAM for your desktop from DDR1 to DDR4. We offer parts both new open box and refurb.


DIMM (Dual in-line memory module) is a PC module that typically is a small board with several chips of random access memory (RAM) attached to it. Usually, DIMM is a type of memory that is natively 64 bits, this allows for a faster data transfer than 32bit. DIMMs store data in a separate memory cell. Whereas SIMM (single in-line memory module) only has 32 data bit path to the computer. Therefore the data transfer is slower than the average DIMM. You can also get DDR4 DIMMs and SO-DIMMs which is the most recent in the DDR series. DDR4 memory is probably the best pc RAM for gaming as it includes faster transfer rates and 64GB maximum transfer rates.

Types of DIMM

Fully-buffered DIMMs: These use advanced memory buffer chips to increase their reliability, this makes the detecting of errors more streamlined. They also have a read and write bus meaning that they can read and write what happens at the same time, improving their performance. This type of DIMM is mainly used for servers or workstations.

Unbuffered DIMMs: UDIMMs are a cheaper version of a standard DIMM but are less reliable but they do run faster.

Registered DIMMs: These are also used on servers and workstations, but they are used in systems that require a more robust and stable memory module. These are usually placed between that memory and the memory controller of the station it's in.

SO-DIMM: A SO-DIMM is half the size of the average DIMM (5.5 inches) as its stands at a tiny 2.74 inches. This is because they are used for more portable machines such as laptops.

ECC RAM: ECC RAM (Error correction code) differs from the rest as it utilizes 9 memory chips instead of the usual 8. The 9th memory chips are used to detect errors and correct them amongst the other 8 chips. Most consumer PC’s wont support ECC but it will work within a server or a workstation.