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Welcome to the mouse section of our store. Whether you are looking for a suitable mouse for work or a technical gaming mouse we off a variety of brands for you to choose from.

Mouse maintenance

Sometimes your mouse may not be working just as well as it used to or maybe you have gotten a new mouse and you want to ensure you take care of it. Well, here are a few tips on how to increase its lifespan.

  • Ensure you have a mouse pad. Having one of these has many benefits. One of them being it reduces the wear of the base of your mouse, if your pc mouse at home does not have a pad underneath you would probably notice that its grips have been worn away. Also, once the grips are gone the mouse will begin to create scratch marks on your desk.
  • If you require to clean your mouse, then the two best items you will need are alcohol wipes and canned air. Canned air works well if you have a mouse with buttons on the sides as you can use the canned air to blow out anything in the gaps. As for the alcohol wipes, they can be used to clean off any dirt or dust without leaving any wipe marks.

Weight distribution

If you are looking for a gaming mouse, then the chances are you will run into mice with custom weight distribution. Having custom weight distribution in your mouse can improve your performance in games. For instance, if you take longer on movements on the right side of your screen you may need to take out the weights on the right side of your mouse and vice versa. At the same time though you may just like to have a heavier mouse or a lighter mouse and with the custom, you can make that decision.

Wired or wireless.

There are benefits to have both a wired or wireless mouse. A wireless mouse is beneficial to anyone who has a laptop or tablet who uses them outside the house as they can use their devices with minimal setup and maximizing their space by having fewer wires. Whereas a wired mouse has a consistent connection and will not require charging perfectly for gamers.