During the COVID-19 pandemic like many people we felt like we wanted to help in any way we could. After hearing many stories in the news and first-hand from friends and family, it was becoming apparent that many of the front line workers were finding it difficult to get the basic supplies they needed. After long shifts they were going to the supermarkets exhausted only to find empty shelves.

Empty supermarket shelves
Empty supermarket freezer

Hearing of the difficulties people were facing and with our premises being very close to a commercial food supplier, we set up an account and started ordering supplies.

Food on shelf 2

With the correct PPE and precautions, we were able to order in bulk and split down into individual packages.

Food on shelf
Open food box

These were then sent to our local hospital to be distributed to any staff members who were in need. Although it was only a small gesture, we hope they were well received and appreciated.

Pallet of food boxes
Food boxes
Thank you card
Boxes being prepared