In this section we have our selection of SODIMM RAM. SODIMM (Small Outline Dual In-Line Memory Module) is around half the length of regular DIMM desktop memory and is primarily used in laptops, however it can also be found in use inside small form factor machines and some printers.

Memory can often be a major bottleneck, limiting a laptop’s performance. Installing new laptop memory can speed up a system at a relatively low cost, especially on laptops where a lot of components such as the motherboard cannot easily be upgraded.

The cost of upgrading a laptop’s memory can be reduced by choosing refurb SODIMM RAM.

Which memory do you need?

If you are simply replacing existing memory like for like the easiest way is to find the part number on the old SODIMM stick of RAM. It will usually be on a label on the side. Lenovo label their part numbers as ‘FRU’ and HP as ‘SPS’ or ‘Spares’ If you have a Dell machine you need to look for a long number that starts in this format- XX-XXXXX-. You can ignore the first 2 digits then the 0 after the dash, it is the 5 numbers after this you need.

It is also possible to search by part number of the manufacturer of the old SODIMM RAM. Part numbers vary by manufacturer. Hynix memory part numbers start with an H, Micron with an M, Samsung with a S and Kingston with a K.

If you do not have the part number or wish to upgrade you will need to find the memory based on specification such as its data rate (DDR), operating voltage and capacity. It is important to remember there are physical differences between the DDR versions and they are not compatible, to check if your machine requires low voltage SODIMM RAM please consult its documentation.

We stock DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4 SODIMM modules including low voltage sticks, in a variety of capacities.

If you are unsure what SODIMM RAM your laptop uses please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to assist you in finding compatible memory for your laptop.