Last week staff from Tekeurope took part in an extended 3 day first aid course. The course took place on site in the company’s new training room.

Staff from multiple departments took part to ensure coverage of trained staff throughout the building. Members of the office, warehouse and engineering teams took a break from their regular roles in order to complete the training.

An Extended Course

The training took place with other members of staff having recently completed the 1 day training course back at the end of June. The 3 day course covered that same material but then went to build on topics, offering training on a wider range of accidents, illnesses and injuries.

Some of areas covered included CPR training as well as how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED). The injuries that were covered included strains, sprains and breaks. The training was practical and hands on with exercises taking place to reinforce what was being learned.

The Benefits of Workplace First Aid Training

Investment in the training offers numerous benefits, some obvious and others perhaps less apparent. Staff with first aid training can potentially save lives both in the workplace and out in the wider world with the instruction provided. In the event of an accident existing injuries can be treated and any further damage can be prevented.

The primary focus of course should be to prevent accidents happening to begin with. First aid training can also offer wider benefits to an organisation in this respect. Staff trained can develop a greater awareness around safety, ensuring practices that minimises the chances of injuries and accidents occurring. A culture of safety in a work environment can improve morale by creating a safer, more positive place to work.

It is also important to note that safe practices are required to ensure that organisations comply with current health and safety legislation.

Ongoing workplace training courses

As well as the work taking place through the apprenticeship scheme, Tekeurope is committed to ongoing training for all of its staff. Courses provided in the past include forklift certification, social media and heavy lifting training.