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Welcome to the monitors section of our store where you will find our selection of new and used computer monitors. All refurb computer monitors you buy from us have been tested prior to being stocked so you can be assured the monitor you receive will be working out of the box.

If you spend a lot of your day at work starting at a computer screen then picking the right computer monitor is an important decision. Cheap computer monitors may offer a cost saving but if they lack the size or resolution you need to work productively it can be a false economy. There are a number of things to bear in mind.


Potentially a computer monitor has a variety of different ports to connect it to your machine. Obviously ideally you need to select one that has ports that correspond to your machine although adapters are available.

Displayport – Often seen on the higher end computer monitor, a displayport cable is capable of transmitting high resolution, high refresh rate video to multiple monitors. Often used in gaming setups

DVI – There are 3 types of DVI ports, DVI-A which transmits analog signals, DVI-D which transmits digital and DVI-I which can do either. DVI does generally not transmit audio and the newer versions of HDMI offer a much higher data rate.

HDMI – can transmit audio as well as video. This is also often the preferred standard for connecting computers and TVs.

USB-C – Due to its high bandwidth a USB-C cable is capable of transmitting 4K video at 60Hz. It is often used to connect laptops and smartphones to a monitor making a computer monitor with this port a versatile choice.

VGA– Many cheap refurbished computer monitors will only have a VGA port, this is considered a legacy port and suffers from image degradation at higher resolutions

Size and resolution

The resolution is the number of pixels displayed on the computer screen, a higher number will produce a sharper picture. The size of the monitor is measured from corner to corner. The best computer monitors will offer a high resolution on a large screen but there are practical considerations such as budget and the physical size of the area it needs to fit into.

Computer monitor deals or buying a refurbished model can often bring higher specification panels into your budget range.