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Welcome to the Cables section of our store. We sell a wide range of cables including USB, video and power cables. The mains cables we sell are further divided into the connector they use (whether they are clover, kettle or figure 8 power cables), their length and what country/countries’ mains socket they are suitable for use in.

Which power cable do I need?

Mains power cables used in PCs and other electronic devices are largely standardised and tend to feature one of 3 types of head (the end that plugs into the device).

Figure of 8 power cables (also known as 2 pin power cables) get their name as the connector consists of 2 holes and their surrounds which make a figure of 8 shape. These are often used for laptop AC adapters.

Clover power cables (also know as 3 pin power cables) feature 3 holes shaped like a cloverleaf- 2 holes alongside each other above the third hole as you look at the end of the cable. Again these cables are commonly used to connect laptop AC adapters.

Kettle power cables (IEC cables) are so named due to the head having the same shape as power cables commonly used to power kettles (technically those used for kettles are made to slightly different specifications due to the high temperature). These cables are often used in desktop PCs and larger printers although some laptop AC adapters do feature them.

The length of cable you require will depend on the setup of the room you are using the device in and the availability of power sockets.

Finally we have the country the plug of the cable is designed for. If travelling from for example the UK to a country that uses the European plug layout a second power cable can provide an alternative to packing travel plugs or adapters.

Other cables

Alongside our large selection of power cables we offer other cables including modern USB and video cables as well as harder to find legacy standard cables such as parallel and serial ones. From time to time we also feature power supply cables, for use in modular power supplies.