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Welcome to the Mains Power Cable section of our website Here you will be able to find a range of new and refurbished mains power cables. We also have multiple different types of power cables for you to choose from with us having stock of plenty clover and kettle power cables. There are also a range of sizes you can filter on the left here to try and find the right size cable to suit your set up.

Different types of Power cables

Although most power cables do the same job there are different types and it helps to know which one you will be needing for your electronics.

Cloverleaf cables – C5 / C6 cloverleaf cables are commonly used on device such as laptops and power supplies, these are called Cloverleafs due to their design as you can see that the end of the cable, they have a cloverleaf pattern.

Figure-8 – C7 / C8 cables are commonly known as the Figure-8 cables as they end of them looks like a figure of eight. They will often be used on devices like blue ray players, DVD players and games consoles.

C13 / C14 – These cables are probably the most common as these are most commonly used on computers. They will commonly be used on mains cables being plugged in to power supplies.

C15 / C16 – Also known as kettle cables, are almost the same as C13 cables but they instead they have higher temperature ratings. These are used for kitchen appliances; with the higher temperature ratings it means that the power cable is safe to use in those environments. Although it looks a lot like a C13 you can tell the difference via the little split that’s found at the bottom of the connector.

With a lot of countries having different voltage requirements that means there are different cables for a lot of countries worldwide. On this site you will be able to find multiple different types of cables to suit your countries voltage requirements, from the UK to the US and much more. If you need any more information please contact us to see how we can help you.