Welcome to the SSD (Solid State Drive) section of our web store. Here you will find our new and refurbished SSD hard drive range. An SSD drive can offer considerable improvements in terms of performance compared to a traditional mechanical hard drive.

At Tekeurope we have over 15 years experience supplying drives to a range of customers, from FTSE 250 companies to home users so if aren’t sure what you are looking for or can’t see the SSD you need in store please feel free to contact us and let us help you to identify or source the solid state drive  you need.

Even a system with the fastest CPU can get bottlenecked if it has to wait for data to be retrieved from storage devices such as drives. An SSD (Solid State Drive) offers a speed advantage over a conventional hard drive and with the fall in prices in recent years this is a technology accessible for more and more home users, have a look in store today and we think you will be surprised how far your budget will now stretch.

Our extensive range covers a variety of capacities and form factors so whether you need a SATA SSD, an M2 SSD or any other type you should find what you are looking for in store

Whilst we offer a number of brand new drives sometimes the most economical solution can be a refurbished SSD hard drive. Each refurbished SSD in our inventory has been tested and wiped and ships with its own test report specific to that drive’s serial number so when you a refurb SSD from us you can be assured of quality.

When choosing an SSD it is important to check what your machine can support. Many older laptops support 2.5” drives either 9.5mm or 7mm. Newer laptops may support smaller M2 NVME drives. If your laptop supports both then an M2 NVME is likely to offer you more speed, but this of course comes at an increased price compared to a 2.5” SATA SSD. Even a slower SSD will offer a considerable performance boost when compared to an older mechanical hard drive.