16GB RDIMM 2Rx4 PC3L-12800R DDR3 1600MHz (240 Pin) (ECC) Memory – M393B2G70DB0-YK0

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Boost your PC’s performance to new levels.
You need the right expert for the right PC memory solution.
Samsung is a leader in the DRAM market, with our DRAM being selected by most OEMs for many years.
Embrace the cutting-edge Samsung DDR4 to take your PC to a new dimension of high speed and low energy performance.

Improved bandwidth for high-end applications.
With PC applications becoming more critical and complex, personal computing has set its toughest demands yet. PCs today need to provide exceptional speed to deliver the performance required.

Samsung 2xnm DDR4 UDIMM and SODIMM enable initial bandwidth of 2,400 Mbps, which can achieve up to the JEDEC-defined 3,200 Mbps. DDR4 has 2 times higher bandwidth than DDR3.

Complete multi-tasking with less energy.
Consumers want to be able to rely on excellent battery power to complete their tasks. Samsung PC DRAM provides longer time unplugged through lower power consumption. This enables extended battery life for notebooks while maintaining high performance.

Samsung DDR4 SODIMM and UDIMM consume less power with their unique 2xnm technology. Samsung’s 2xnm DDR4 operating at 1.2V achieves approximately 26% higher performance/watt compared to 2xnm DDR3 operating at 1.5V.

Samsung also provides 2xnm LPDDR4 operating at 1.1V, achieving 37% increase in power efficiency than 2xnm LPDDR3 operating at 1.2V.

Double your capacity with the world’s 1st 8Gb chips.
The advancement in density has enabled Samsung to offer bigger capacity DRAM, delivering the faster data transmission speed that devices require today. PCs can benefit from high density DRAM by using fewer DRAM components, which leads to space saving.

Samsung DDR4 UDIMM can achieve the max capacity of 128GB using the world’s 1st 8Gb chips, which is 2 times bigger than that of DDR3’s 64GB made of 4Gb chips.


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