200GB SATA 3.5″ 7200RPM HDD – 6B200M0

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Maxtor creates a new standard with the introduction of the
DiamondMax 10 drive. Its high capacity, enhanced reliability,
and great performance combine to make this the perfect drive
for home or office desktop users.

Serial ATA
The DiamondMax 10 drive incorporates
the latest features of the Serial
ATA interface with data transfer rates
and functions to accelerate system

High Performance
DiamondMax 10 supports Native
Command Queuing (NCQ). NCQ
intelligently reorders read and write
commands to improve performance.
Combined with larger buffers
(8MB on 80GB to 200GB, 16MB on
250GB and 300GB) DiamondMax
delivers industry leading benchmarks
and blazing performance.

Delivering reliability
DiamondMax 10 drives deliver high
reliability and data integrity using the
Maxtor-developed Shock Protection
System™ (SPS) and Data Protection
System™ (DPS). SPS and DPS give the
drive enhanced protection against
operating and non-operating shock.


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