Reliable, high-capacity storage for mobile applications
Travelstar™ 5K320 is a 5400 RPM 2.5-inch hard drive with capacities ranging from 80GB to
320GB. The 160GB per platter one- and two-disk models are designed for use in notebook
PCs, set-top boxes, gaming consoles and other mobile applications. The 5K320 raises the
standard for hard drive reliability with design enhancements that include altitude-sensing
Thermal Fly-height Control (TFC), an improved actuator latch and fourth generation
perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) head technology. Along with the attention to
ruggedness, Hitachi continues to deliver excellent performance and low-power leadership.
Designed to support the multi-tasking needs of consumers and commercial users balancing
mobile computing and movies, music, photos and games on the go, Travelstar 5K320
delivers the right capacity and performance options to meet the needs of IT and consumer
electronics manufacturers. Hitachi offers optional hard-drive-level encryption for users looking
for increased data security and models with enhanced availability to deliver high-capacity
storage for non-stop environments.

Data security option
Travelstar 5K320 features optional Bulk Data Encryption (BDE) with a SATA 1.5Gb/s interface
for hard-drive-level data security. The data is scrambled using a key as it is written to the disk then descrambled with the key as it’s retrieved, giving users a higher level of data protection than traditional password-based security previously available. Another benefi t is that it speeds and simplifi es the drive re-deployment process. By deleting the encryption key, the data on the drive is rendered unreadable, thereby eliminating the need for time-consuming data-overwrite.

Enhanced Availability (EA)—for 24×7 access to data
Hitachi provides enhanced-availability models that employ specifi c microcode to allow the
Travelstar 5K320 to deliver 24×7 access to data. These models broaden the product line
to make it more suitable for data-intensive applications requiring round-the-clock operation.
The 5K320 provides high capacity, performance, durability and effi cient power utilization
on a proven platform for quality and reliability. EA models support the stringent demands
of “always-on” applications in lower-transaction environments.