40GB IDE 2.5″ 9.5mm 5400RPM HDD – MHT2040AH

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MHT2040AH Fujitsu 40GB
Fujitsu’s MHTxxxAH 5400 rpm series employs new GDT (Glass Direct Texture) Media enabling nearly a 30% increase in areal density of up to 69.3Gb/sq.in, giving 40GB per disk whilst improving media resolution and noise resulting in improved data integrity.
Building on Fujitsu’s Mobile HDD technology leadership, the MHTxxxAH series utilises Fujitsu’s FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing) motor and Head Load / Unload mechanism with Inertia Latch technology.
As a result of Fujitsu’s technological leadership and innovation the MHTxxxAH series provides unparalleled industry-leading specifications that are critical for today?s intensive mobile computing applications:
Operating Power Consumption as low as 2.3W
8MB Cache
Non-Operating Shock of 900G (1ms)
Operating Shock of 225G (2ms)
Track to Track Seek Times of 1.5ms


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