UK USB (Calliope) Slim (Black) Keyboard – 00XH625

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The Essential Wired Keyboard and MouseThe Lenovo Essential Wired Combo keeps things uncomplicated. This durable keyboard and mouse plugs into any USB port with wired reliability you can count on. The tough waterproof membrane can handle accidental spills without risking performance. Enjoy feel-good typing with quiet keys and number pad in a modern space saving layout. An ergonomic full-size mouse offers comfort and support for all-day use. Increase your productivity as you smoothly complete tasks with the 1000dpi high resolution optical sensor. Highlights:Wired reliability: uncomplicated wired connection is plug and play Tough: waterproof membrane is tough enough to handle accidental spillsLED indicators: Caps Lock and Num Lock LED indicators Features:Low-profile, island-style keysLED indicators (Caps Lock, Num Lock)FN Media Controls (Volume Up, Volume Down, Mute, Play/Pause, Media Forward, Media Back)Adjustable feet1000 dpi high-resolution optical sensor1-year warranty


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