4GB UDIMM 1Rx8 DDR4 PC4-17000P 2133MHz (288 Pin) Memory – M378A5143DB0-CPB

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Desktop computers, commonly used as home/office computers, employ DRAM as their main memory. DRAM is a type of RAM (random access memory) and is the most widely used semiconductor memory for current generation computers, offering several significant advantages, such as structural simplicity, very high packing densities (number of bytes that can be stored per unit of chip area), low power consumption, and sufficiently high data read/write speeds. Several types of DRAM are presently available for deployment on desktop computers. DRAM has demonstrated rapid and significant technological developments, resulting in considerable increases in performance for desktop computers.

Memory for current generation desktop computers is available as DIMM (dual inline memory modules). Unbuffered DIMMs (or UDIMMs) are the most common type of memory used on desktop systems. A UDIMM memory module does not contain any buffer or additional hardware register between the memory module and the system’s memory controller. UDIMMs also consume much lower power, and have much lower data access latencies than buffered or registered memory. Thus, UDIMMs are an excellent solution for low-cost computing, such as home/personal computing.


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