Over the last week or so I have been using the ‘Dell AC115M Soundbar’ and I’m here to give you my thoughts on the device which is new to our online store!

First impressions are important and this soundbar did not disappoint. Immediately upon opening the box I could tell this was a well built and good quality product (as expected from a market leader like Dell). The weight of the soundbar was heavier than I was expecting which to me was a good indication of the quality as you could tell this was quite a sturdy product.

The Dell AC511M Soundbar is such an easy device to set up due to it connecting to any USB device via a single cable, meaning it can be used for other electronic devices such as a Nintendo Switch! The convenience of not having to mess around with multiple wires and connectors to set up the soundbar really did enhance my positive experience with the device as it really is quick and easy to connect it.

For a fairly cheap speaker system, the Dell AC511M boasts decent sound quality which is more than suffice for casually listening to music, gaming or even watching shows – which is perfect for somebody like me who is often found watching shows on my laptop but desiring a slightly louder volume. While the bass on this Soundbar isn’t amazing, its clear that it’s an immediate upgrade on most in-built speakers on laptops or monitors. Controlling the volume of the Soundbar is also something I found to be good as it has a volume knob located on the end making for fast and easy adjustment to volume levels.

Personally I do not own a compatible monitor to attach the Dell AC511M to, so I had to deal with the cables getting in the way as well as the actual soundbar taking up desk space (a key selling point of the device) and this did hamper my experience slightly however I cannot blame the product for this, but if you are in a similar situation where you also do not own one of the compatible monitors then beware that this device will take up desk space and leave wires hanging around.

Overall, I would recommend the Dell AC511M soundbar to anyone who wants a simple and affordable speaker for their computer. It has a good design, sound quality and its extremely usable. I feel this is a fantastic accessory for Dell monitor users but, still a worthwhile upgrade for everyone else who is seeking an improvement to their current in-built speaker system.